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Handmade with artisan expertise | not mass produced | hand tooled | vegetable tanned leather |


Monterey is a sun-drenched coastal road trip in a longboard stacked kombi, compelled by wanderlust and nostalgia from your parents stories and old faded photographs, a journey back to the ’69 Woodstock dance floor, for the vintage lovers and gypsy dancers.  

Inspired by my mum's cane chest treasure-trove, overflowing with vintage clothing and accessories from the quintessential 60’s and 70’s; unique fabrics, intricate lace, hand embroidery and fine detailing that hasn’t aged a day, and is passed through generations. 

From a time where today’s fast fashions and mass productions were non-existent, and individual style and personality was adorned and exuded.  

Monterey utilises the expertise of leather artisans with age-old techniques, completely handmade, hand tooled and every gemstone hand selected, ensuring each piece becomes a part of your family’s ‘cane basket’ too.  

Join us and be transported to a place and time we dream about, where quality and individuality becomes reality.

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