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Little Hiawatha represents -brave of soul.
We are a small business and endeavour to do our personal and professional best.
At the end of the day, we are just a couple of brave Mums, who have a dream and an uncanny great taste in fashion and accessories!..
As we take this leap of blind faith in launching this website , we ask that you
please be gentle with our fragile, overworked, exhausted- but still beating hearts...
We promise to be back to normal soon, whatever our 'normal' may be...
Thank you for joining us on this adventure, we couldn't of done it without your ongoing support, friendship and loyalty.
We are thankful everyday for our Little tribe, and our continual journey through all the good, the bad and the just plain ugly!!
In the meantime, let your heart and soul loose on our website!
-you’re welcome!
Cindy, Kelly & our amazing Little Hiawatha Staff

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