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Q. Is Little Hiawatha Boutique awesome?

A. Yes, yes we are


Q.Do you guys ever sleep?

A. No! We are long term Mums who are used to not getting enough sleep with 3 children each! We have the bags under our eyes to prove it!


Q. As two sisters, who is your Mums favourite?

A.  We are sure she has a favourite, but just won't tell us. And if you make her, our Mum will always say.."I love you both the same"!!


Q. Who is the 'bravest' of them all?

A.  Our Dad. He fought Motor Neurone Disease (MND) for 4 years. And I'm sure as hell, 100% believe that this terminal illness had no idea who it was messing with. 


Q. Whats the most important thing in life?

A. Family. xoxoxo



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