Roaming Folk

Aroma Travelling Humidifier


The Roaming Folk humidifiers have a light woodgrain look with built in LED lighting, including an ultrasonic peaceful and calming mist - allowing you to enjoy your favourite essential oil’s in their purest form while on the road or at home. 


The USB connection makes it a perfect van life accessory for the travelling community who wish to continue using their essential oils while on the road.




Size: (H) 100 x (D) 100 mm

Weight: 130g 

AC Adapter: DC 5V 

Cable Length: 1m

Rated Power: < 2 watt 

Water Capacity: 130ml 

Safety Feature: Auto shut off 

Spraying Time: 3-6 hours

Light: LED light, 7 Colours. Set to automatically change colour or can be turned off


Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a dry cloth

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