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Balance Candle


Balance - Rainbow Moonstone. Essential oils of Myrrh & Jasmine. To help balance the mind & soul when feeling uneasy. Botanicals of organic Calendula flower.

It’s the divine energy from mother earths beauties. Essential oils infused with crystals. Do you know how amazing these two natural sources work together? 

Crystals & Essentail oils, work together in ways unimaginable. Essential oils combined with crystal power are the perfect way to help you to anchor & embody your divine energy in the present moment. Essential oils simulate the limbic system: the brains healing mechanisms. Together with the vibrations of mother earths crystals. The consistency of the oscillations an harmonize the body.

The candle blends have been designed & formulated to work with your body & soul. 


6oz Tin candle

7.2cm x 4.9cm
approximate 22 hour burn time 



8oz Size tin 8cm x 5.3cm  

Approximate 30 hour burn time

Burn time - 20hours 140grams 


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