Columbus Imports

Columbus Clam Shell Medium- Decor


As seen in Three Birds Renovations..

Add some coastal luxe vibes into your home with the gorgeous Columbus Clam Shell..

Replicating natures own wondrous beauty, these stunning Columbus poly-resin Clam Shells are as close to the real thing as you can get!!

Add your own personal touch and fill them with whatever you'd like! One of our favourites is filling it with fresh seasonal fruits, or our gorgeous hand made clay beads, the options are endless! 

Sizes may slightly vary.. however, they are approx

52cm wide x 28cm deep x 19cm high. 

These stunning statement pieces are conveniently water-resistant, making a great multi-purpose design 🥥🌴🤍


For cold use only, wash in cold water. Do not microwave, they are not heat proof. Do not put in the dishwasher.

Please treat our resin homewares as you would ceramic. They are still fragile.
Designed using real clam shapes & textures: real clam flaws and imperfections show purposely in these designs. 


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