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Creme Caramel - Boutique Jar + Loose Leaf Tea


Whether you seek solace in a quiet moment alone or wish to create unforgettable memories with friends and family, Creme Caramel is the perfect companion for any occasion. It is an ode to the art of tea-making, carefully curated to bring joy to your heart and to elevate your senses.

But the true magic lies in the symphony of warm festive spices that dance gracefully on your tongue, bringing nostalgic memories of joy and togetherness. Hand-made hazelnut brittle, cloves, cinnamon, and hints of nutmeg come together in perfect harmony, invoking the essence of cherished holiday gatherings and blissful winter evenings.

Embrace the limited edition experience and relish in the magic of The Tea Collective's signature blend, created with love and passion to delight your senses like never before.

Ingredients: Kenyan Black Tea, Hazelnuts Pieces, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Natural Vanilla, Caramel Brittle and Natural Flavours.
May Contain Traces of Nuts and Other Allergens.

Brewing Instructions:

3g tea : 300mL water

100 Degrees Celsius 

3-5 minutes

Takes Milk 

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