Jessiè Jean

Eyes For You


DETAILS: Dreamy double layered golden resin dripped heart eye that is encrusted with the essence ofstunning clear quartz crystal and rose quartz crystals,  that create a mesmerising statement piece for any room.

STYLING: A luxe statement piece EYES FOR YOU will make any corner of your home fill with dreamy vibes. With the glittering golden resin and the beautiful clear and rose quartz, this piece of art is brought to life shimmering in the hint of the sunlight. This beautiful piece can be displayed on a wall surrounded by collected treasures or featured on top of your favourite reads on a table with fresh blooms and your own clustered precious gems.

MEANING: The eyes are the soul to the universe within us. When a soul loves our eyes can light up the world with the love we have within. We become beams of love and it is seen through the way our eyes can light up the world when our hearts feel so full. 

DIMENSIONS:  21cm x 18cm x 5cm.

Please note that each piece of art is handmade and each will be unique with gold resin setting differently on each piece. The quartz and rose quartz are natural so the size and clusters will also be one of a kind.

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