Goa Belt - BACK SOON


With it’s smooth, stylish lines, attention to detail and stud decals it’s a must-have belt for those who dare to be a little different.

Available in Cognac  +  Tobacco leather


Belt Measurements 

30 - 75cm

32 - 80cm

34 - 85cm

36 - 90cm

Kompanero offers a range of leather items with a distinctive weathered look, vintage appeal and a contemporary design inspired by the concept ‘Leather is a Timeless Companion’.

 Each Kompanero item is handcrafted and piece-dyed. They are then individually distressed. Each of them is unique. One of a kind. Even the term ‘limited edition’ would seem a misfit. These bags are individualistic in style. A statement by themselves and a statement for its owner.

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