Pool: A Dip Into Outdoor Swimming Pools - The History, Design and People Behind Them


A celebration of outdoor swimming!! 💦

Looking at the history, design and architecture of pools, as well as the social aspect.

The book begins with a history of the pools - their grand beginnings after the buttoned-up Victorian era, their falling popularity in the 20th century, and the newfound appreciation for the outdoor pool, or lido, and outdoor swimming in the 21st century.

Journalist and architectural historian Christopher Beanland picks the very best of the outdoor pools around the world,

including the

Icebergs Pool on Bondi Beach, Australia;

the 137m seawater pool in Vancouver, Canada;

Siza's concrete sea pools in Porto, Portugal;

The restored art deco pool in Saltdean, UK, and

The pool at the Zollverein Coal Mines in Essen, Germany.


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