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The Wild Earl Grey - Boutique Jar + Loose Leaf Tea


This award-winning blend is a little different and just a little surprising but each sip will still hold you in that warm & familiar way. The distinctive, light bergamot flavour has been enhanced with a sweet hit of pink grapefruit. Keeping the traditional bergamot flavours Earl Grey teas a renowned for, try something exotic and wild with this blend that will not disappoint. 


Collection | Black Tea

Ingredients | Sri Lankan Kenilworth Orange Pekoe, natural bergamot, rose petals, safflower, chen pi, wild bee balm and natural rose.

Camellia Sinensis | Lowers cholesterol and improves heart health. Improves gut health. Reduces blood pressure and lowers blood sugar levels. Increases focus & energy. Improves skin texture & helps prevent dental decay.

Brewing Instructions:

3g tea : 300ml water
3-5 minutes
    Takes Milk

    The Tea Collective have created vessels that you will want to keep using.

    Boutique Jar | Created to maintain optimal freshness. These gorgeous jars are lightproof and airtight, to keep your teas therapeutical qualities and taste fresher for longer. 

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