'After Dark' Candle - 600g


Our Little Hiawatha Signature Candles are truly something special.
In a range of ‘Vacay’ inspired fragrances for your own little escape...
Whether it’s beaching it up in Brazil, cosy nights around the campfire, or sensual ‘After Dark’ nights, these triple scented candles will have you coming back for more..


Inspired by *Tom Ford*. Tobacco Vanille

Romantically dark, sensual and indulgent..
This one is SEXY AF..
Warm, rich spices, tobacco flower and lingering vanilla, treat your senses to a deliciously opulent fragrance.

After Dark is the perfect Autumn/Winter fragrance that will have you begging for more..

TOP NOTES - Tobacco Leaf and Spicy Notes
MIDDLE NOTES - Vanilla, Cacao, Tonka Bean and Tobacco blossom
BASE NOTES - Dried Fruits and Deep Woods

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